In Focus is covering environmental concerns this week, with conversations about how we can care for our habitat here in upstate New York. Chautauqua County Executive Paul Wendel joins the show to talk about the importance of clean water infrastructure — something that became a big issue for the county after wells in the village of Mayville were contaminated with PFAS chemicals, and their water became undrinkable. Wendel discusses the solutions to the problem that are being implemented, as well as efforts to improve water infrastructure throughout the county. He also talks about harmful algal blooms on the lake, and how the county is addressing those as we move through the summer months. 

You can watch the full interview with Chautauqua County Executive Paul Wendel in the video player above. And be sure to tune in for a look inside the biggest issues impacting Upstate New York, on In Focus with JoDee Kenney — every Sunday on Spectrum News 1.​