In celebration of Earth Day, In Focus is getting in touch with Mother Earth — by focusing on the issues that affect our planet. Transportation amounts to about a third of the state’s overall greenhouse gas emissions. But for most, the daily commute isn’t going anywhere — which is why it’s important to focus on making the way we travel greener. State Senator Tim Kennedy is chair of the Senate Transportation Committee. He joins JoDee Kenney to talk about the ways we can make our streets a little cleaner — like making our school buses electric. Another way to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions is by having fewer cars on the road — which can be accomplished by making it easier for more people to use public transportation. Kennedy has also focused efforts on making it easier for people with disabilities to use public transportation. And, he discusses efforts to bring green spaces back to a Western New York highway, with the restoration of the Humboldt Parkway in Buffalo.

Senator Kennedy also talks about efforts for a cleaner, greener New York away from the roadway. He discusses what voters should know about the state’s planned investment Clean Water, Clean Air, and Green Jobs Environmental Bond Act when it appears on the Ballot next November, along with ongoing efforts to redevelop industrial land through the Brownfield Cleanup Program. A resident of Western New York, Senator Kennedy is well-acquainted with winter weather – and he’s also well-acquainted with the toll that excessive road salt use takes on the health of people and the environment. Watch State Senator Tim Kennedy’s conversation with JoDee Kenney on efforts to reduce the amount of road salt we use right here on our website, or on the Spectrum News App. And be sure to tune in for a look inside the biggest issues impacting Upstate New York, on In Focus with JoDee Kenney — every Sunday on Spectrum News 1.​​