Flooding has been a source of devastation, anxiety and stress over the last several years in the Southern Tier. Binghamton Mayor Rich David discusses what the future looks like for the region with the FEMA Buyout Program.

After a 100 and 500-year flood in 2006 and 2011, the Binghamton area had 15 properties that were ravaged and the Federal Emergency Management Program is giving $1.5 million for all the costs associated with those property clusters. They are trying to transform the look of those sites, but also the surrounding properties.

The buyouts are just one component of overall flood mitigation efforts. The flash and river flooding are also being addressed for planning in the future – whether that be new development or those properties that are currently in the flood plain.

David says city leaders are working with the Broome County government, the NYS DEC, FEMA to evaluate and improve the levies and flood wall systems that are in place today. The city of Binghamton is trying to help residents who live in flood prone areas to navigate through any challenges that they might face going forward, the mayor says.