Things of My Very Own sifts through countless donations daily.

“On a general day we could get say maybe, a couple pallets worth of clothes,” emergency aid specialist Meka Boncie-Machin said.

Founded in 2008, the non-profit has served countless families and children impacted by abuse and neglect.

As their mission grows, so has the number of people who walk through their doors.

“Honestly it feels like we keep servicing hundreds, I can’t even count at this point,” Boncie-Machin said.

But even with the pallets of donations that come in, there’s still a shortage in essential items they provide for individuals.

“Currently, we’re out of boys size 12 through 50 and above size waist lengths, so that’s a crisis in itself,” Things of My Very Own founder Rayn Boncie said. “School is coming and this is the time prepare kids for success in the year ahead and right now we are struggling to do just that.”

And it’s not just boys pants. Boncie said newborn clothing and especially extra large sizes and above are quickly running out.

“The general public doesn’t seem to realize that children do come in all shapes and sizes,” Boncie said. “So we do take clothing in all sizes up to adult eight extra large, as long as it would be appropriate for a child or teen to go to school."

With an influx of foster children and families calling upon their services, they are asking for the communities help to give these kids the necessities and life they deserve.

“One of the biggest things about going through trauma situations is that it impacts your self confidence ... and your view of the world around you,” Boncie said. “So we owe it to these children to help start them off on the right foot for the school year ahead and life in general.”

For those interested in donating, visit Things of my Very Own’s website for more information.