Mission Syracuse opened a new location at the Destiny USA mall on Saturday. After a couple months of work, Mission Syracuse cut the ribbon on their new location Saturday in Destiny USA.

"Everybody jumped on board with it,” said Deborah Parker, board secretary of Mission Syracuse. “We started with eight people on our leadership team, and over the course of two months grew to 36 people, completely committed and working towards this vision."

What You Need To Know

  • Mission Syracuse opened a new location Saturday on the second floor of Destiny USA near Macy's

  • The location will be open the same hours as the mall

  • It sells Christian resources, and serves as a meeting space

The outpost location sells books, DVDs and other Christian resources.

"We also are an outreach for Christ, so we want to present the gospel of Jesus Christ to people in the mall, or anybody that wanders in," said Parker.

They also have an area where church groups and nonprofits can hold meetings.

"We want to bring people together; we want to bring the churches together; we want to find agreement where we can find agreement,” said Mike Kerlin, head of pastors at Coalition of Mission Syracuse. “A lot of people aren't aware there's a lot of division within the church itself, and we're trying to do what we can to change that as well.”

"It’s amazing. I'm amazed [at] the number of people that have come in and just walking and stop by, and seeing people I've known before and seeing them again," said David Zeafla, store manager of Mission Syracuse.

The store is located on the second floor of the mall, near Macy's. They're looking for people to volunteer at the new store. The Mission is also looking for donations to support its rent, and upfront costs for the new location.