September is known as National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

For Frieda Weeks of Liverpool, spreading awareness and letting people know about the symptoms of ovarian cancer is a year long effort. Those gone before us can sometimes provide inspiration for us to help others.

"We're keeping her dream alive of turning the world teal," said Weeks, the founder of Hope for Heather.

Frieda lost her daughter Heather to cancer in 2008.

"She really captured her eyes, and her little smile and that look on her face that always says 'I know what you're thinking,'" said Weeks.

Prior to Heather's death at the young age of 24, she was an advocate of raising ovarian cancer awareness. That's why today, it's important for Frieda to do all she can to keep Heather's memory alive.

This month, Frieda has been extremely busy visiting local businesses to promote the Hope for Heather campaign. It's an effort she makes all year, but focuses more on during Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

From gyms to grocery stores and local pizzerias, it's a time consuming effort.

But for Frieda, every stop counts.

"If someone comments on my hair or whatever, because I always have something for the cause, then it's a great opportunity for me to start that conversation," she said.

Whether it's giving out a wristband, a coozie or a symptom card, if it can help get one woman to the doctor for a checkup, then it's an effort worthwhile.

You're encouraged to learn more about the Hope for Heather campaign. Just visit Hope for Heather dot org.