Protesters in Endicott on Saturday rallied against a facility they say would spew harmful chemicals, and affect the lungs of everyone that lives in Broome County.

“We want SungEel and the big players to know that our community does not want this," said Amanda Smith of Mamas Against SungEel in Endicott.

Amanda’s group is M.A.S.E.; Mamas Against SungEel in Endicott.

What You Need To Know

  • No Burn Broome held a march Saturday against a proposed battery recycling facility

  • Protesters worry about chemicals emitted by the facility during the recycling process

  • There will be a public hearing July 30 on Zoom

“They are toxic, they are an explosion risk, a fire risk, they want to put their battery incinerator right next to our baseball fields, our park, our community pool, our carousel, our homes, my home, my backyard, where my children breathe and play," said Smith.

No Burn Broome has been vocal against the battery recycling facility, in petition and rallies.

“We are saying putting this facility here is dishonoring our community, so South Korea don’t dishonor our community, leave Endicott," said march organizer Paul Connentt.

Saturday, marching around the block of the proposed site, they voiced their opposition.

“This incinerator, lithium incinerator is being touted as a job creator, which in fact it's not, it’s a job destroyer, and it’s a community destroyer as well," said Rick Sprout, Broome Tioga Green Party Chairperson.

“We have a lawyer waiting in the wings to sue the village if they try to pass this local law which allows this thing to go in," said Connentt.

A public hearing will be happening July 30 on Zoom. The hearing will discuss an appeal to zone the area for the recycling business.