It's just about July. And in a typical year, college and high school school kids would be starting summer jobs.

This year, the COVID-19 pandemic has made that look a little different.

While there might not be as many as usual, jobs are still out there. I spoke with Lenore Sealy,  the Executive Director of CNY Works.

Usually, CNY Works runs a youth work program that places around a thousand young adults in jobs or job training programs over the summer. This year, they're unsure if that program will get funded by the state, but she said there are some things young people can do to find a job, whether it's to support their family, save up for college, or just get a little extra to spend. 

Executive Director Lenore Sealy said retail is the industry with the biggest need right now. Essential businesses like grocery stores also have a big need for workers, especially as some older employees or people with underlying health conditions may not be comfortable coming back just yet. She said opportunities are out there, you just have to put in the effort to find them.

"I drive by strip malls all the time and I see all kinds of signs. 'Now hiring,' 'now hiring,' so I have to believe that there are employers that are stuggling to get people, to hire people to do some of the retailing jobs and some of the frontline kinds of jobs that are available that may have gone away during the pandemic," Sealy said.

She suggested a similar method for grocery stores, even if they dont have a help wanted sign in the window, it never hurts to ask a a manager for an application.

Volunteering as an alternative for this summer. If you cant find a paying job, getting something for your resume will.