Locals who live in the Kuyahoora Valley are no stranger to devastation, but the floods that hit on Halloween were different.

"The flood came in about 15 minutes. We had no time to even take our cars. So, we lost most everything," said Betsy Newman.

"The fireman came and pounded on the door and said we had 10 minutes to get what we wanted out," said Wilma Beaudin.

Wilma and Betsy were neighbors, but both sold their homes after the flood.

While they were trying to pick up the pieces, their community saw the need and stepped in to help rebuild their foundation through music.

"A couple days after the flood, we had an idea. This is what we came up with just from one little meeting of a couple of people," said benefit organizer Teresa Carnright.

Out of their meeting came Flood Fest, a benefit to raise money for victims. Organizers tell us the money will go to the Kuyahoora Valley Foundation; from there, it will be distributed to families in need.