The Verona Beach Lighthouse has been a staple in the community for over a century, but several years ago it fell into hard times.

With help from the community and the Verona Beach Lighthouse Association, the historic structure has been able to make a comeback. The group is solely responsible for the preservation and restoration of the lighthouse.

Through hard work and community donations, they’ve been able to complete several projects. This weekend, members volunteered their time to construct an illuminated railing around the structure.

Despite the strides forward, the organization still needs help mainly with painting the lighthouse to help boaters on Oneida Lake.

"[The lighthouse] does get hidden by the trees in some areas, and not being painted as white as it should be it doesn't show up very well sometimes on the lake,” said Ronald Reynolds, who serves as vice president of the organization.

The issue has also had an impact on some members of the Verona Beach Lighthouse Association, including its treasurer Avie Hanson.

“I needed it one night. I was in desperate need. I was stuck on the lake during a storm and I had a hard time finding it. I had to make a phone call to somebody to direct me back off the lake," Hanson said.

The group will continue fighting to ensure these issues and others get resolved. They say they continue to volunteer because of their love of the lighthouse.