Imagine this. It's a Friday morning, you roll out of bed, and you don't even have to change before you go to work. 

Sounds like magic, right? Well that was the theme of the day at Cicero-North Syracuse and Liverpool schools. The rivals are trying to "out-Pajama" each other. Both schools are raising money for a good cause. 

Each student was asked to wear their PJs in support of children with pediatric cancer. When kids go in for treatment, they have to wear pajamas so the students used their show of solidarity to make a difference. Donations of all amounts are being tallied, and whichever district raises the most money for Paige's Butterfly Run is crowned the winner.

The competition grew beyond anyone's expectation when a video of CNS challening Liverpool went viral.

Students from both schools say no matter who comes out on top, they feel like they've already won.