It's a simple question — what's your favorite thing about upstate New York?

Our political reporter Nick Reisman posed the question Thursday morning on Twitter, and upstate residents chimed in with a variety of answers.

Nick answered the question himself as well, albeit with an answer that was anything but expected — weather, and perhaps surprising to some, he wasn't alone:

Many folks commented on how it's so convenient in New York to go from urban, to suburban, to rural, in a relatively short time or distance:
Upstate New Yorkers take pride in their respective food scenes, and there was no shortage of cuisine mentions:
Outdoor-lovers chimed in about New York state's many parks and natural attractions:
Some commented on the good-natured, neighborly people of upstate New York:
For some, it was all about convenience, mainly better traffic situations than bigger cities in other states: 
Other folks were less enthusiastic, but at least honest.
And a few people couldn't help but list a number of reasons why they love upstate New York:
And of course — Wegmans:
So why do you love Upstate New York? Chime in and let us know!