April is the time for high school seniors to choose what college they will attend. It’s not a bad idea to take a tour of the campus before committing lots of time and money to study there.

It can be intimidating to walk onto a college campus for the first time, but college tour guides have some advice.

The most important thing to do on your tour is ask questions, which might mean you decide your preferences of what your college experience will look like before taking the tour.

It’s recommended that you ask specific questions regarding your major, and the facilities and opportunities offered in that program. Some of the most common questions, some guides say, cover the food, student experience and campus safety.

“Ask about classes – what it’s like in the classroom? Do you know your professors? Do you have friends? Do you like your roommates? Things like that, because all the basic questions – even the ones you think are silly – are important to make that final decision," said Olivia Braia, a sophomore at SUNY Oswego.

Tour guides have, of course, been through the transition from high school to college, so they can be asked what the adjustment is like. They may also be able to answer questions about off-campus food and entertainment options.

Other worthwhile things to consider could be the size of the campus and weather in the area.

“Do not be afraid to ask any questions of any of the tour guides or any of the advisors. We all are here to help you out with what you need before you graduate from high school," said Kaushal Joshi, a senior at SUNY Oswego.