For parents who have been worried about their children suffering from an educational "COVID slide,” WCNY and Syracuse-based The Reading League have unveiled a new kids television show in hopes of reducing the trend.

Advocates point to studies that show students are more likely to advance in all school subjects and life if literacy is mastered.

"The last statistics show that only 30 percent of the nations kids are reading on grade level. That means that 70 percent of the young ones that are in this nation are not reading at the right level. And that is just unacceptable," said Toni Ann Walsh, vice president of marketing and development of the Reading League. "Low literacy rates mean higher crime and a whole bunch of other things."

"Reading Buddies," a new children's TV show produced and filmed in Syracuse, is focused on literacy for elementary-age children, put together by The Reading League, WCNY and community partners.

The television set has books and a desk and is filled with the laughters of three characters of the show. Kids will also see plenty of singing and dancing.