WCNY, the local PBS station, is helping kids without internet access still get a school-like education through the newly launched TV Classroom.

The Syracuse City School District is doing its best to get rid of obstacles preventing kids from learning during the coronavirus health crisis. The newest way is through the television.

Kate Franc, literary consultant for the district, is just one of the many familiar faces you'll see on the TV Classroom network. She’s start each day off with Story Time.

"We're really trying to be thoughtful about books that are compelling, and interesting, reflect some diversity of character, and idea,” said Franc.

On top of online classes and sending home work booklets to families, broadcasting lessons to home is just another way the school is making sure kids keep up their school work.

“This is going to continue to provide the education they need," said Syracuse City School District Superintendent Jaime Alicea. "It will continue the curriculum they were learning in the classroom, continue to listen to school teachers, administrators, and leaders, and continue to have that connection with our staff.”

A wide range of programming caters to kids in kindergarten through high school. Social studies, English, math and science will all be covered.

“Some of the science teachers are great," said WCNY President Mitch Gelman. "The science teachers had rulers and beakers they were doing experiments, weighing things and measuring things for the kids. Talking about force and physics.”

From 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., different programming each half hour to an hour helps keep kids at home interested and engaged.

“This is great. I think it's a great way to start and I think everybody, if all, love a good read aloud. It’s exciting to be able to share it with the community,” said Franc.

Each day ends with a virtual field trip.


TV Classroom will reach 19 counties in central New York.