Alberto Reyes, the man charged in connection with the death of a young mother, spoke for the first time in open court on Thursday.

“I have a question and a petition for the judge,” said Reyes, in a move that took the court off-guard.

Reyes is a suspect in connection with the death of 18-year-old Selena Hidalgo-Calderon, whose body was found on a Sodus farm in May. What are believed to be the remains of her 14-month-old son Owen were eventually found about a half-mile from her body.

Police say Reyes admitted to moving Selena’s body, but did not admit to killing her. He is not charged in connection with Owen’s death. The interrogation is on a video that prosecutors want entered into evidence for trial.

Speaking Spanish and through an interpreter in court, Reyes said about the video, “If you’re going to use the video as proof, if that is going to be used as evidence, I ask that the district attorney show the entire video.”

Reyes went on to make this accusation: “Because on the video there are threats to me...threats against me.”

There is a language barrier Reyes alleges caused confusion before, during and after the interrogation.

"At this point it’s up to the court to determine whether the defendant’s statement was voluntarily made, and if it was, that he was properly advised of his Miranda warnings and that’s the decision that we await," said Christine Callanan, Wayne County assistant district attorney.

A Rochester police investigator who speaks Spanish conducted the interview. Six hours of the video were translated and presented, but Spectrum News has learned there’s an additional 15 hours of footage — that’s what Reyes wants examined by the judge.

In another twist, Reyes said he is “not happy” with his attorney.  He is asking for a new public defender, saying, "The seven months he’s been working with me, he seems more like he’s working for the district attorney.” That public defender did not immediately return a request for comment.

Right now, Reyes has one charge lodged against him: Tampering with physical evidence.

In a compelling request to the judge, Reyes said, “Please, I would like the honorable judge to see it....Please. Please. Please.”

Reyes will be back in front of that judge on January 15. Whether or not he has a new attorney for that appearance is yet to be determined.