Broome County is seeing a small spike in COVID-19 cases tied to Binghamton University.

The county is reporting 91 new cases, about half of which have come from the college.

County Executive Jason Garnar said the school has put new precautions in place to try to limit further spread. Non-classroom student activities have been suspended and dining facilities are now take-out only.

Garnar said the increase is isolated to campus and the surrounding community shouldn't be concerned.

"This kind of stuff is going to happen," Garnar said. 'We saw it with group gatherings, we saw it in a limited way with the Super Bowl gathering when we saw a little spike. We're going to see these little spikes here and there. But certainly overall our rate is going down."

When it comes to vaccines, Garnar says 17-percent of the county's residents have gotten their first dose.

That's above the state average of 12 percent.