A Utica company is joining the fight against the coronavirus pandemic with an ultraviolet C device they say can stop the virus from replicating.

What You Need To Know

  • ProTec Scientific has launched a UVC device they say can stop COVID-19 and other pathogens from replicating

  • The ProTec 99 device can be used on surfaces like tables and keyboards

  • Staff say the device works quickly and effectively to neutralize the virus

Inside ProTec Scientific, assemblers are working to build the ProTec 99, a new UVC sanitization device they hope can help combat COVID-19.

"Trying to help this world just get back together after this whole pandemic, makes me feel good on the inside about it,” production assembler Devin Hook said.

The company began looking at the ProTec 99 over the course of the pandemic.

"We decided that we could find a way to neutralize the COVID virus using our product on surfaces,” said Zachary Pettersen, ProTec Scientific’s production manager.

Staff say it works by running the device over a surface.

"It kinda neutralizes the DNA strands of viruses and bacteria, and prevents them from creating more of its own kind, which is exactly how viruses tend to spread,” Pettersen explained.

According to the FDA, UVC radiation has historically been used to disinfect air, water and surfaces. The agency says it’s been shown to destroy part of the SARS coronavirus, but there’s limited published information about the dose, wavelength, and duration of radiation necessary to neutralize COVID-19.

But the company is confident in their product.

"It puts out a much higher intensity light that most of your standard wands, and works very effectively, works very fast,” said Pettersen.

They also say there’s been a demand for the product since it launched last week. But consumers should take precautions when using it for long periods of time, including preventing exposure to your eyes and skin.