With the state's permission, the city of Watertown opened its playgrounds Monday. It was a popular decision for families in the city.

Even if for just a short time Monday, kids and parents got back to feeling a little bit of normal. It was the perfect day to get outside and play.

What You Need To Know

  • State gave Watertown permission to open its playgrounds

  • Families say while they still are concerned about coronavirus, playgrounds opening are a welcome sight

  • City will open its splash pad Friday, after earlier announcing it will not be opening any city pools this summer

"It's really fun. I'm so excited. Maybe I'm going to come here more often," Rowen Adams of Watertown said.

The coronavirus is still on people's minds as the city opened its playgrounds for the summer. However, the parents at Thompson Park say these playgrounds are a kind of life balance that is just needed.

"It's so nice. It's really wonderful just to be out and seeing other people and seeing other families having a great time," Kristan Donoghue said.

Friday, the city opens its splash pad at Thompson Park. The decision to open the water fun area came after city leaders recently announced, due to health concerns, that they would not open any of the city's swimming pools this summer.

"It's great to have something for the kids. It's too bad the pools aren't opening this year, but we understand with the virus. Having the water part open, I'm sure he'll run into his friends he hasn't seen in months because he hasn't been in school," Diane Adams of Watertown said of her child.

Friday might be the perfect day to open the splash pad. Temperatures are expected to be in the mid-to-high 80s.