Registered nurse Jennifer Birchler works at Loretto's Nottingham Senior Living Home.  She does everything from assist with medical needs to activities.

She's been answering a lot of coronavirus questions lately.

"They're using what they see on TV as their guidance.  So, when we can come in, and give them information right from the mouth, what we know, it alleviates a lot of their anxiety," said Birchler.

Nurses in the Nottingham home care unit haven't had it easy over the last month.

"There's no visitors. We're their visitors as well as their nurses. So, if I can help them emotionally, physically, whatever, we're happy to do it," said Nottingham Home Care Manager Susie Archer.

Regardless of experience, all nurses on the Loretto staff have had to take on some new duties over the past month, bringing with it, some challenges.

It's not just residents that need information.

Nurses and staff need to stay up on ever-changing guidelines.

RN Laura Roberts put together a YouTube video for her colleagues on virus information and other safety guidelines.

"Next steps to take if they do have symptoms and work related questions," said Loretto Clinical Services of Housing Assistant Director Laura Roberts. "And, just really providing a lot of knowledge, empowering people with knowledge in order to keep themselves safe and healthy."

"Even more so now during this pandemi, we have to take care of each other," said Loretto Clinical Services Housing Director Robin Bennett. "I feel like people are putting their trust in us as nurses.  They're looking for support and our guidance and we have to take care of each other."

It's a passion for caring during this challenging time is what keeps these nurses going.

"We love our nurses, LPN's, maintenance, housekeeping, all of them," said Birchler. "We just work as a team, administrators, its been a great work environment, we've really pulled together as a team, supporting one another, and just making it through day by day."

It's a team effort, and one that's certainly appreciated by all.