For most of us, pets are family, so when it comes to family vacations or maybe business trips, what to do with our dog can be a bit of a stress.

Rover is an option for pet owners when it comes to finding someone like Deb Carlson to take care of your pet. Carson is retired, but has a new gig as a dog sitter.

“I board dogs overnight and I have a lot of fun with them because every dog is different," Carson said. "We just love to cuddle each other and there is a lot of personal attention and I take care of them.“

Rover is nationwide with some 200,000 dog sitters and dog walkers. You can head to the Rover website, put in your zip code and get connected to pet sitters and dog walkers.

“I have their backing and they have 24-seven support and pet care, so if there is anything I need, Rover is behind me," Carson said.

Carson cares for the dogs in her home.

“We do a meet and greet and they come to my home and check out my space and accommodations and they see in my fenced in backyard and that is a hit with a lot of people because they know their dog is very secure here," she said. "I get my dog fixed whenever a new one comes.”