The New York State Senate and the Assembly are on the same page when it comes to mobile sports betting, according to Gary Pretlow, chairman of the Assembly Committee on Racing and Wagering.

“There are no drawbacks to our proposal,” he said of legislation written by himself and his counterpart in the Senate, Joe Addabo.

“(We) have crafted a piece of legislation that I think will be a model for every state in the United States," he said. "A few states have tried the governor’s proposal, which is a single or two-skin operator plan, and they’ve been failures.”

Pretlow admitted to saying the governor’s plan “stinks."

“That could have been an accurate quote,” he told Capital Tonight.

But even if his legislation is included in the state budget due April 1, Pretlow is concerned that mobile sports betting could be delayed by the New York State Gaming Commission, which is tasked with writing up regulations.

“We could have had sports betting in brick-and-mortar casinos a lot earlier than we did, but the Gaming Commission took over a year to come up with the regulations,” he said.

Additionally, Pretlow is rather pessimistic about expediting three downstate casino licenses.

The Senate’s one-house bill included an expansion of downstate casinos, but not the Assembly’s. Pretlow explained why.

“It was thought that there was an issue with the third license,” he said, “Basically, what the Senate bill did was grandfathered the two existing racinos downstate that have indicated they want to have a full casino license, which I totally support 100 percent,” he said.

“But there’s this fear that other entities that think they can bid for this, the third license, would have been left out, which would have led to legal issues that would have held up the whole thing anyway,” he explained.