Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh is calling on the Biden administration to overturn a ban on local hiring for federally-funded infrstructure projects.

He said it could have a big impact on jobs created by the Interstate 81 project.

Walsh believes allowing people to work in their own communities would help boost the local economy and increase opportunities for marginalized workers.

The mayor has already taken steps to try to ensure local residents can benefit from these jobs by holding an Interstate 81 Jobs Big Table meeting last year.

But he said removing this barrier at the federal level would make the whole process much easier.

"It is critically important that we center our efforts first and foremost around the people that live within the shadow of the viaduct. To ensure that they are not only protected but that they truly benefit from the project," Walsh said.

Over 150 local officials, organizations, and academics have sent a letter to the president, asking for him to review the ban.

The effort is being spearheaded by the group Jobs to Move America.