Wineries are faced with a new change in how they operate.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s most recent executive order mandates that alcohol sales in an establishment must be paired with a food item.

The measure is aimed at decreasing the spread of the coronavirus in bars and restaurants.

“We had a bar type setting where folks would come up to a bar, and be served as they stood around the bar with 20 other customers all at the same time so at this point that style of service is gone and we've moved to a style of service where folks are able to sit at a table," said David Pittard, owner of Buttonwood Grove Winery.

The winery’s manager Diana Liptak said the business had to get creative quick by the time doors opened Friday.

“We’re looking at it as an opportunity to allow people to pair bread and cheese with their wine tasting. And kind of raise the level of service that we offer for people while they're here," said Pittard.

For an extra two dollars, fresh bread and cheese are sliced on a serving board for wine tasters. Customers are also spread out, sitting at their own table with servers.

The winery had to make changes virtually overnight. Those changes Pittard said would normally take months of discussion and planning from the team.

If anything, the pandemic has taught businesses like Buttonwood Grover Winery how to adapt when needed. 

“Interestingly we have stopped panicking. So there’s that moment of oh my gosh, not another thing," said Liptak.

Some changes will even be staying around at the winery well after the pandemic.