Access Dental Laboratories General Manager Samuel Jackson makes sure everything is running smoothly in the plan to create 50 to 60 jobs in the community. He was the person Todd and Shanelle Reid knew they could trust when moving forward to open a dental lab on South Salina Street.

What You Need To Know

  • Todd Reid has worked in the dental industry all his life and wants to give the community what was given to him

  • An estimated 50 to 60 jobs will be created and targeted to South Side residents

  • The building will also feature a childcare facility and private office spaces for rent

“This building was brought to our attention and we decided this is the location. This is what we’re supposed to be doing,” said Shanelle Reid.

From Southern California, Shanelle made the decision to move to Syracuse with her son, where she met Todd.

“When we were faced with the situation to return to Southern California, we were driving down South Salina, and I felt like the work I was supposed to do was here,” said Reid.

Todd too moved to Syracuse after being born in Brooklyn, moving to Georgia, and later Seneca Falls. Out of high school, he got his start in the dental industry.

“I struggled in high school, and I knew I didn’t want to be an added burden to my mother,” said Todd Reid.

A friend owned a dental lab and showed Todd the ropes of the business. Now Todd wants to do the same for others.

“Throughout my journey, I would always see people who made mistakes in life. People who were really good people but no one bet on them. But then the guy I worked for, he would bet on people. He just did that and he bet on me and instilled those values in me. I come from surroundings just like this. I feel it’s my God-given duty to bet on people and inspire,” said Todd.

The lab is slated to open in March 2021. The old apartment building will not only house the dental lab, but also a child care facility open to the public and office space for rent.

“We know we have to have people who are experts in the field, and they may not come from here, but those who have signed on with us understand that they have to have an apprentice and they may have to train people who come from a different background than them,” said Todd.