It used to be known as “the city with a future."

"There was lots of jobs for kids, adults,” said Steve Ward, a resident who was born and raised in Fulton. “Lots of manufacturing."

But Ward says the city lost its momentum over the years.

"Now a town of rental,” said Ward. “Manufacturing has dried up and left town. It's hard for small business owners to start a business and make it profitable."

"I think it needs a face lift,” said Tina Stephens, a local resident. “I think it needs a spark and I think this is what's going to make it happen."

The city recently received a $10 million Downtown Revitalization Initiative award from the state.

"You multiply that times the investment that the developers will make and companies will make and the projects, we're talking about an investment of $60, $70, $80 million dollars,” said L. Michael Treadwell, the Fulton DRI Local Planning Committee co-chair.

Treadwell says it will also create hundreds of jobs.

City leaders held a public meeting to display the 26 potential projects.

"Manufacturing, healthcare, mixed-use facilities, libraries, education,” said Treadwell. “There's a lot of different types of projects."

Plans also include additional retail venues on the former Nestle Site and expanding Oswego Health Urgent Care.

"I was quite interested in some of the residential,” said Stephens. “Bringing more folks downtown."

Neighbors hope the development brings people and purpose to Fulton.

"I would like to see that energy, revitalization,” said Stephens. “That outside people want to come to Fulton."

"That place where you can raise a family,” said Ward. “Not be worried about a lot of things. Just raise your family, go to work, come home.

People can submit a project proposal until Friday, November 8.

The second public meeting will be in January.