The Salt city is on the rise.

That's the message leaders had during a State of Downtown luncheon at the Syracuse Oncenter on Thursday.

"All about creating strong city center and giving people reasons to be in downtown Syracuse,” said Merike Treier, executive director of the Downtown Committee of Syracuse.

The committee said that 20 new businesses were added to the neighborhood in the last year.

Leighann Benz co-owns The Whitney Lofts, which opened back in March.

"It's inspiring. I feel like everyone is on the same page, that everyone in downtown Syracuse right now just wants it to be better. So it's all positive stuff,” she said.

Her business was one of several honored for their contributions to the community.

“The core of your county is your city, the heartbeat of your city for economic growth the engine that makes it all work is your downtown,” said Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon.

The Downtown Committee of Syracuse also removed more than 1400 bags of litter, almost 700 graffiti tags and supplied more than $500,000 in grants this year.

They also estimate that 2019 will bring 106 new apartment units and the groundbreaking on the new food hall, Salt City Market.