Shoreline owners along Lake Ontario are learning hard, fast lessons in adapting to the rising water levels.

Iconic Oswego restaurant Rudy's Lakeside Drive-In is taking cautionary steps to prevent possible havoc. A storm over the weekend left four inches of standing water past lakeshore barriers.

As a result, a dam was built around the establishment to help protect the building from flooding damage. Owner Jason Livesey said many people in the community came together with help from the state to build it. While he's grateful for the help, more permanent solutions are needed.

“We recognize that this is not just a one- year issue or a two-year issue,” Livesey said. “Such like the other parts of the United States, we need to look at the infrastructure that we have on all of our waterways, all of our lakeshores.  Start taking a proactive approach to what we are going to be doing."

Even though Rudy’s remains open with the high water levels, outdoor seating options are limited.