If you feel like the summer of 2020 has been hot, then you’re right.

What You Need To Know

  • July 2020 is now the hottest month on record

  • Syracuse has had two heat waves so far this summer

  • No big changes in the pattern anytime soon

When taking into consideration the months of June and July (meteorological summer is June-August), we’ve already seen 50 days with a high temperatures of 80 or better. Of those 50 days, 15 of them were 90 degrees or hotter!

Including a 90-degree day in the month of May, we’ve seen 16 days this year of 90 degrees or better, which is well above our average for the entire year.

June also brought us our first heat wave of the year. We define a heat wave as three or more consecutive days with a high temperature of 90 or greater.

Our second heat wave of the summer came in July with a seven-day, nearly record-breaking stretch with temperatures of 90 or hotter. This heat wave occurred from July 4th through July 10th. 

Both June and July were well above average in terms of high temperature. The average monthly high temperature for June is 77.5. The average monthly high temperature for this past June was 81.1 degrees.

The average monthly high temperature for July is 81.6. The average monthly high temperature for July 2020 was 87.9.

Syracuse also set a new record for the hottest July on record. Not only was it the hottest July on record, but the hottest month ever on record in Syracuse.

The average monthly temperature for July is 71.3. The average monthly temperature is calculated by adding up the daily mean temperature (the average of the high and low temperature) for each day and dividing that by the number of days in the month.

The average monthly temperature for July 2020 was 77.1, breaking the previous record of 76.6 set back in 1921 and 1955. We’ve also just come off an impressive, record-tying 43 day stretch with high temperatures at or exceeding 80 degrees.

No big cool downs are expected anytime soon. According to the Climate Prediction Center, temperatures to start the month of August will likely be close to the seasonal average.




Temperatures for the rest of the month will likely be at or above average. Enjoy the rest of the summer!