Central New York baseball players are getting a little inspiration from one of their own. Cicero-North Syracuse graduate Patrick Corbin made his first Major League start Monday for the Arizona Diamondbacks. Our Katie Gibas caught up with the CNS high school players and their coaches at their game Monday and tells us what Corbin's first MLB start means to them.

CENTRAL NEW YORK -- These Cicero-North Syracuse Varsity baseball players had a rare opportunity this off season - to train with a Major League Baseball player. Besides being able to train with big leaguer Patrick Corbin, teammates say the best part is that Corbin is one of their own.

"It's great knowing that he was in our position a couple years ago, pitching where we pitch, going to the same high school. It just makes you realize anything's possible. And if you work hard enough, you can get there," said Joe Pokrentowski, a C-NS Varsity baseball pitcher.

Lefty pitcher Corbin graduated from Cicero-North Syracuse High School in 2007. He made his first Major League Baseball start as a pitcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks on Monday.

"What a great teammate he was. It wasn't about Pat Corbin. It was about the 18 guys on our team. And I think he's carried that work ethic and that philosophy all the way through. He keeps his mouth closed and his ears open and he learns from the game. And he keeps getting better and hopefully he'll have a long professional career, and we were just fortunate to be part of it while he was in high school," said Kevin Rockwell, a C-NS Varsity baseball head coach.

The entire C-NS High School varsity team was listening to Corbin's match all the way to their game in Auburn on Monday, getting pumped up for their own contest and future in the sport.

"If you're playing at this level, I think it's everyone's dream. Everyone's trying to get there. A lot of people don't. It's great for him to do it. And it gives us motivation to try and know that we can do it if we try hard enough," said Pokrentowski.

Kyano Cummings, another C-NS Varsity baseball pitcher, added, "Being in the same position that he is. Pitching off the same mound that he is and everything. It's just so great to know that he was literally in the same spot however many years ago it was. It just gives you that much more motivation when you go out on the field to do that much better."

As for Corbin, after leading the Diamondbacks to a win in his MLB opener, his future in the big leagues seems promising. Corbin will likely get his next start Saturday at Citi Field against the New York Mets.