Mike Bono is the Chief Meteorologist at Spectrum News. His 20 years of TV weather experience is an important asset in the delivery of accurate and dependable forecasts every 10 minutes on the 1s. Mike is a familiar name and face to many who have seen him during his long career with The Weather Channel in Atlanta. His on-camera work has always been complimented by his presentations at regional and national conferences and regular visits to civic organizations, youth groups and schools.

Mike holds a masters degree in meteorology from New York University and comes to us, not only with quite a varied education, but work history as well.

A native of Queens, New York, Mike says hurricanes and blizzards are the two types of storm that really got him hooked on weather. Some major hurricanes hit New York City during his childhood, and a couple of really big blizzards struck during his high school and college years that left a lasting mark. The impact of those storms would influence his career path for life.

Prior to his move to Atlanta, Mike spent three years on TV in Bangor, Maine. He’s also spent time teaching meteorology and forecasting weather for a major airline. That permitted him to do plenty of traveling, which he enjoys so much. Mike’s work has also brought him to places like Alaska and some early work in the environmental field took him to the Rockies and the Pacific Northwest.

Not a fan of heat and humidity, Mike enjoys the pleasant summers and winter forecast challenges of the Capital Region.

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