As the hustle and bustle of the holiday shopping season continues, shoppers will start to notice fewer retail options in the Capital Region.

"I wish I could say I'm surprised, but I'm really not," said Capital Region Chamber CEO Mark Eagan.

Another local Kmart, a Peebles store, Big Lots, and a Sears are going out of business.

"Sears was like your dedicated family member. That's where we went for our appliances. It was all about Kenmore and Craftsman, and I bought my lawn mower there," said shopper Rachael Beaudry.

Eagan says a number of reasons are to blame. Most notably is consumers shifting to online orders.

"Some of the retailers have it now where you can actually text that you're in the parking lot and they'll bring the merchandise right to your car," Eagan said.

He says more people are in tune with the customer experience than ever before.

"If you [visited] a Target a decade ago, [versus] a Target today, the stores have a different feel. They know that the whole aesthetic has changed. If you go into a Kmart or a Sears, it feels the same as it did 20 years ago," Eagan said.

Another contributing factor is the rise of single stores with a range of products.

"Walmart pretty much has everything that we need; [it is] convenient," said Walmart shopper John Bommarito.

Other shoppers agree.

"When you look where you can go, where else can you buy ketchup and tools in the same place? It's all about convenience these days," Beaudry said.

While there are plans for at least one of these locations, the Capital Region Chamber says it is a challenge to fill the vacancies, and property owners will have to get creative to reinvent the spaces.