There is a relatively inexpensive way to turn your bed into a ‘smart’ bed. Time Warner Cable News technology reporter Adam Balkin filed this report.

Fitness bands and even entire mattresses are available today to help keep track of your sleep. However, the Luna Sleep mattress cover might be the piece of technology that warms you - literally - to the idea of sleeping on a smart bed.

“It goes onto any type of mattress so doesn’t matter the size or how thick, you just place it on top, you plug it to the wall and the thing starts playing its magic,” says Luna’s Matteo Franceschetti. “It learns on its own what time you go to sleep - every Monday, every Tuesday, over the weekend. You can personalize the temperature if you sleep with a partner. Usually women love to sleep hot while instead men love to sleep cold, so we are able to create the differentiation."

Using sensors, it also measures things like your heart rate and breathing and then offers you suggestions for a better night’s sleep. For example, by pulling in information from a fitness app you use, it may notice that on days you work out too late, you toss and turn more.

In addition to helping you get a better night of sleep, the Luna is also designed to be part of this next wave of technology called the “Internet of Things,” where it connects to pretty much everything in your home that requires electricity - from your lights to your thermostat. One of the first integrations will be with the Nest connected thermostat.

“Go to bed and Nest automatically changes the temperature in your house, so it stops heating or cooling the rest of your house, and at the same time, Nest focuses on your bedroom. So if during the night we see you’re sweating, Nest can immediately change the temperature and cool your bedroom down," says Franceschetti.

After you have fallen asleep, it can also automatically turn off your lights, lock your front door and then down the line, do things like get your coffee maker going the moment you wake up. The Luna is getting set to launch on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo for just under $200. It will ship in August.