The National Transportation Safety Board remains in Schoharie on Thursday, working to conduct its investigation into what went wrong in Saturday's limousine crash that killed 20 people.

Spectrum News is told their preliminary report — meaning the immediate things they learn — will not be made available until at least next week. According to the NTSB's website, prelimary reports are usually made available within a few days of the incident.

We aren't sure exactly why this report will take longer, but we do know what they are looking into. At a presser held either this week, NTSB officials said they are working to determine the condition of the limousine before it crashed; how the layout of the seats may of contributed to the severity of injuries; and if there were enough seat belts for passengers.

The attorney representing Prestige Limousine says the NTSB had also reached out to his client with a list of questions and documents. It's unclear how the recent arrest of Nauman Hussein, who is the son of the owner of Prestige Limousine, will impact that portion of the investigation. 

Meanwhile, the New York State Police is still working on its own independent investigation. The timeline of that remains unclear, and we still do not know when information will be provided by Troop G.