The investigation into what caused Saturday's horrific limousine crash in Schoharie continues, and the attorney representing Prestige Limousine says he hopes the investigation will be an impartial one.

Lee Kindlon says his client, Prestige Limousine, is among the many trying to figure out what caused Saturday's crash. As the owners of the 2001 Ford Excursion, Kindlon says the NTSB has sent the company a list of questions and requests for documents.

"As a step towards figuring out what happened, they're doing everything they can to assist in the investigation to turn over paperwork, to answer the questions that are being asked," Kindlon says.

Kindlon calls the company a small family-owned operation. The owner is Shahed Hussain, who in the past has worked as an FBI informant. We are told he also owns the Crest Inn and Suites.

Kindlon says Hussain's two sons are responsbile for the day-to-day operation of the business, and Hussain is currently overseas.

Documents obtained from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and federal investigators detail that four of five inspections done on Prestige's vehicles in the past two years showed safety violations.

Kindlon says the vehicles had problems, but the limousine was road ready.

"With the heightened inspections that the state of New York requires, each and every time there's been any sort of issue, the company has gone out and fixed the vehicles to make sure that those issues were addressed," says Kindlon.