Katie Eastman is an Emmy award-winning video journalist and reporter. You can watch her on weekday nights on Time Warner Cable News in the Capital Region.

Before traveling to New York, Katie worked as a multimedia journalist for the Boston Herald where she covered the Boston Marathon bombings and told the stories of the survivors. Her work earned her two New England Emmy awards for Outstanding Video Journalist and Video Essay.

Katie was also running the 2013 Boston Marathon, and captured the emotional moments of the race on her GoPro. That story was seen around the country, and she was thrilled to be able to finish the race in 2014.

After graduating from Emerson college in 2011, Katie began her career in Des Moines, Iowa, as a video journalist at the ABC affiliate. While there, she covered the Republican candidates vying for the top spot in the Iowa Caucuses, and was featured on ABC World News for her story on mammoth bones discovered in Oskaloosa. She also became nationally known as the "Intrepid Cub Reporter" on the Colbert Report.

Katie is excited to run, hike and eat all over the Albany area.