A lawsuit filed against Albany City Schools details two violent incidents and claims the school district didn't do enough to prevent them. 

The lawsuit was filed earlier this month on behalf of a student who went to Thomas O'Brien Academy of Science and Technology. It details an incident on a school bus in November 2016. 

The lawsuit alleges a child was sexually assaulted and molested by another student. It says the school knew that student may be a sexual predator, but didn't add any extra suprevision or safeguards.

The second incident allegedly happened in December 2018 at the school cafeteria. The suit details a violent attack in which the girl was choked and beaten by another student who threatened to kill her.

Again, the lawsuit claims the school knew this student had a history of violence, but did nothing to prevent the attack. It says the school was negligent, careless, and was not properly monitoring students in both these situations.

The family is now seeking damages for both the physical and emotional cost of these incidents.

Spectrum News has reached out to Albany City Schools about this lawsuit, but the district declined to comment.