When the weather gets nice, the sound of dirt bikes and all terrain vehicles ring out across Albany.

They're illegally traveling up and down the roads and sidewalks throughout the city.

“It is annoying. It just adds to the noise,” said resident Brian Petraitis. 

The Common Council is trying to put an end to that noise.

On Monday, Councilman Richard Conti introduced a resolution, authorizing the police department to create a reward program.

“It’s been an issue that I think members of the public have been frustrated by because there’s no easy enforcement,” Conti said.

According to Conti, the program would offer a financial reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of suspects illegally riding dirtbikes and ATVs in the city -- up to $1,000 for misdemeanors and up to $25,000 for felonies. 

“I think it’s a significant public safety issue, and this proposal is really just another tool,” Conti said.

The resolution already has the support of Albany Police Chief Eric Hawkins, who would create and implement this program.

But not everyone believes rewards are the solution.

“The way forward is to incentivize safety spaces and make known those safe spaces,” said resident Alana Klein.

Moving forward, Conti says officials should also consider creating options for appropriate recreational use.

“That’s also another area which we need to look at a little bit more to see if that’s an option that might also deter some of the illegal use that is really a public safety concern,” Conti said.

The resolution is being referred to the public safety committee for further discussions. It could be voted on as early as next month.