As lawmakers debate the New York Driver's License Access and Privacy Act that allows illegal immigrants to get drivers’ licenses, Capital Region officials are now supporting legislation that would counteract that bill.

Republican state Sens. Jim Tedisco and Daphne Jordan, along with Assemblywoman Mary Beth Walsh are backing the County Clerks Protection Act. The measure would keep anyone in the U.S. illegally from getting a driver's license.

Former county clerks are also behind the opposing legislation, citing fears of backlash for refusing to issue illegal immigrants licenses.

Supporters of the Driver's License Access and Privacy Act say granting more than 200,000 people in New York a driver's license would make New York roads safer and build trust between law enforcement and immigrant communities.

However, Tedisco said it would provide a double standard for American citizens applying for a license. He adds his new bill would protect county clerks who refuse to issue a license to those here illegally.