It appears that Joe Percoco, longtime top aide to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, will not testify at his ongoing bribery and corruption trial.

Percoco was not named when the judge asked defense attorneys about their witness list Tuesday.

Percoco and all three co-defendants appear to be putting on a robust defense, with their attorneys listing almost two dozen potential witnesses.

That list includes longtime Cuomo confidante Howard Glaser, the former Director of State Operations.

Testimony on Tuesday focused on Joe Percoco's wife Lisa, who was allegedly given a $90,000-a-year low-show job as part of a bribery scheme.

A manager at the energy company that employed her said she was terminated because she was not doing her job.

But the defense insists she did real work, and wants to show jurors video of Lisa Percoco in her former role.

The trial will likely run into next month.