The state's private colleges and universities have had their struggles during the COVID-19 pandemic just like their public system counterparts in New York over the last two years. 

And, as Lola Brabham, the president of the Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities, said Wednesday in a Capital Tonight interview, there were benefits for their member schools in the $220 billion state budget. 

She pointed to the expansion of financial support for educational opporunities programs by 14% and a 50% rise in funding for higher education capital in the approved spending plan. 

But at the same time, colleges both in the public sphere and private institutions have struggled with enrollment challenges spurred by the pandemic and in-person instruction. Some schools are starting to see their enrollment grow again, however. 

"Obviously the pandemic did have an impact on enrollment," Brabham said. "Schools are starting to rebound. Our schools, especially the large ones with national and international reputations are rebounding more quickly."