Twenty years after the tragic attacks on 9/11, New Yorkers still remember that fateful day.

In Saratoga Springs at High Rock Park, the city held their annual memorial to remember the lives lost.

What You Need To Know

  • This year marks the 20th anniversary of 9/11

  • The city honored those lost in the attacks as well as first responders who served at the World Trade Center site

  • Moments of silence were held at the times of the two planes that crashed into the towers

The ceremony took place at the foot of the Tempered by memory sculpture, which is comprised of pieces of metal from the original World Trade Center.

Master of Ceremonies Dottie Pepper says it’s a powerful reminder of what took place that day.

“For people to remember once a year, why it’s here,” Pepper said. “To have this space, to come to a solemn place in the city to celebrate those who let us live the way we live.”

The event carried an enormous amount of emotion.

Even after 20 years, the day still stands poignant for many.

“So many lives senselessly lost,” Pepper said. “People just gone. I think it’s important to remember the sacrifice were made.”

Among the large crowd were current and former first responders, many of which had friends that were involved in the rescue efforts on 9/11.

Frank Henglein was part of Engine 10 in New York City.

While he says he was not working that morning, many of his crew jumped into action, and never returned home.

“I’m lucky to be alive and I’m grateful to be alive,” Henglein said. “I lost so many friends on 9/11 and coworkers. But I will never forget. Some people live 9/11 once a year, I live 9/11 every day.”

When Henglein was able to make it into work after the second tower collapsed, he said the devastation was a sight that’s hard to forget.

“I’ll never forget the sacrifice of all my coworkers,” Henglein said. “The police, the 343 firemen that day that were killed. The 37 Port Authority cops, the 23 New York City cops. And the three retired firemen that were killed that day.”

As the wreaths hang and the flag flies at half mast, this day reminds everyone about one of the greatest tragedies in this nation’s history.

But it also stands as an opportunity to unite communities like this as we remember the lives that were lost.