Early voting for the June primary begins Saturday, and people in Rensselaer County now have new spots to cast their votes.

This, as Attorney General Letitia James moves forward with a lawsuit alleging the county's previous locations kept residents from having equal opportunities to vote.

Two voting locations will be in Troy, including one at the Board of Elections office on 7th and one on Spring Ave. The other two locations will be in Brunswick and Castleton. The previous early voting spots included one in Schodack and one in South Troy.

Those new early voting locations aren't being met with positive reception from many in the county, with some taking to the streets of Troy yesterday for a rally against voter suppression.

Those who were there say they're upset the Board of Elections didn't include a voting location in the heart of downtown Troy, saying the move severely limits voting access.

They say without a downtown location, the city's Black and brown community is impacted more than any other.

Organizers of the rally say while they're disappointed in the Board of Election's selection of voting sites, they remain optimistic that they will secure an early voting site in downtown Troy ahead of the general election in November.