Oftentimes you’ll find Marie Campbell up to her eyeballs in work, but that's the way she likes it. All morning, it’s back and forth to her car until the stage is perfectly set for her mobile shop, Blooms by Marie.

“I'm very blessed with this business,” Campbell said. “I've been doing it for four years.”

The full-time nurse dedicated her weekends to this once she realized she had a gift to putting bouquets together like nobody's business.

“The natural fresh, beautiful flowers kind of take over,” she said. “Basically the business has picked up and it’s very, very busy.”

Campbell will tell you that her floral creations are far from a solo effort.

“My best friend Marie, said, ‘why don’t you come and see what I do?’ and I came and I got so obsessed with the flowers and here I am,” said Campbell’s friend Marie McDowell.

McDowell helps out at the Washington Park flea market

“This is my fun time on the weekend to be around the flowers,” McDowell said.

While her best friend works the Guilderland Park flea market, sometimes they both work in tandem to keep the business flourishing.

With the flea market season coming to a close, this is one of the last weekends they’ll be selling their bundles of blessings on the road — but not to worry: They say something else is blossoming.

“I opened my shop now which is 811 Madison Avenue,” Campbell said.

Campbell is excited to have her very own space in Albany and according to her, so is everyone else.

“It’s amazing to see the response from my neighbors and community,” she said.

“I just enjoy bringing love and joy and comfort to people.”