Saturday, Spectrum News visited thoroughbred racehorses who are trading in the track to make new acquaintances with Old friends at Cabin Creek. 

“Last year we received three new horses,” said Joann Pepper, owner of the horse sanctuary in Greenfield Center. Pepper started the center out of love for the sport. “I’ve just always loved horse racing and I thought this was the best way to serve the horses.” 

Pepper said the average retirement is around five and she says they then can live into their 30s, and so after care is the most important part of their lives. Though, taking care of the horses can be very costly. They say donations and volunteers keep the sanctuary going.

Volunteers like June Shaw have been coming to the center for almost a decade. The center has grown as more than just a place to more of a community. 

“I was coming to volunteer and I would have to go take care of my own quarter horse, Hunter Jumper, and then [Pepper] said just bring him here,” Shaw said.

Shaw is just one of 40 volunteers at the center.