It's a sunny day as the Capital Region nears the end of a wet spring. With every rainfall, grass grows more out of control and residents realize their hedges need a trim. What do you do when you just don't have the time?

"I came home one night after traveling for work. The grass was a good 10 inches long because it's been three weeks," said Albany resident Mike Tripodi.

If you're like Tripodi, you find an app for that. Specifically, the Plowz & Mowz mobile app.

"It's great for customers because it's done at their convenience, like everything else. Everything is on their phone. They don't have to deal with person to person and trying to come up with a price as everything is set through the app," said Plowz & Mowz landscaper Wayne Lemieux.

Plowz & Mowz is like the Uber or Lyft of landscaping.

"You enter some basic information about your property size, what you want to do, your address. You request what services you want, it gives you an estimate, and then they find a person to come," Tripodi said.

Once the job is done, the app charges the customer’s bank account for the service, and the customer is able to rate the landscaper.

You can order a one-time or recurring service, depending on your needs.