The proposed Holocaust memorial that was sidelined due to its controversial design is now back in the spotlight with a new look.

A community forum Wednesday evening at Niskayuna High School discussed the changes.

A design shaped like the Star of David, with the words “Never Again” featured on the wall.

“How can we remind them? Through memorials; through education,” said Niskayuna resident Linda Rozell Shannon.

Some residents say the proposed Holocaust memorial will offer a cautionary tale while teaching important lessons.

“The horrors will diminish in detail and level of belief unless we all do something to help remember, educate, and ensure this can never happen again,” said resident Alan Goldman.

These are some of the arguments for building the memorial on the Troy-Schenectady Road, on two acres donated by the Albany Diocese.

“If you don't study your history, unfortunately there is a tendency to repeat it, and we don’t want to see that happen,” said Capital District Jewish Holocaust Memorial Founder and President Dr. Michael Lozman.

While many believed the memorial should be built, others still expressed concerns about its location.

“I think the sensibilities of the residents who live across the street should be considered,” said Mary McClaine of Schenectady.

Lozman says the goal of the forum is to hear these concerns and try to address them before the proposal goes to the town board on June 25.

“We want this to be a group effort. We want this to be for the community,” Lozman said.

This is the first of two community discussions. Another forum will take place next Wednesday at the same time at Niskayuna High School.