Dozens of rally-goers held signs and called out for the end of police brutality. They are asking the mayor, police chief, and other city leaders to "clean up" the officers who take the law into their own hands.

Armando Sanchez, the man seen in a now-viral video shot by a neighbor, was beaten and kicked by police — originally called to the neighborhood for a noise disturbance. His family spoke at the rally. 

Sanchez’s mother Sandra Thompson was irate, saying she gets angrier each time she watches the video.

"We want jail time now. They assaulted my son. In law enforcement you cannot be an officer if you have a [felony], so why do we have all these crooked cops in office policing our city?" Thompson said.

She gave an impassioned speech, along with several other family members, including Sanchez's great aunt, aunt, sister, and young nieces. Several other community members and people affected by police brutality spoke out. 

Sanchez spoke to Spectrum News after the rallly.

"Living in this society, you do have rights and I just want everybody to stand next to your rights, don’t let nobody take your rights away," Sanchez said.

Rally organizers and leaders say they are disappointed the police union and the Mayor still have not reached out to the family about this incident, despite the ongoing investigation.

The two people who helped organize the rally are affiliated with a group of people who help throw concerts in people’s basements — they’re called DIY concerts — which as you can imagine get loud.

They told Spectrum News when the police come for a noise complaint, they usually just knock and ask them to keep it down, and that this is a pretty normal occurrence in higher socioeconomic, predominantly white neighborhoods.