Cryotherapy, a form of therapy that uses freezing cold temperatures to help clients relieve pain, is now available in Clifton Park at iCryo.

Vaporized liquid nitrogen creates freezing cold conditions inside a small pod where users receive the treatment. Just under three minutes inside is believed to yield enough health benefits.

“It tricks the body [into thinking it] is under attack. Essentially the body thinks it is going into hypothermia so it triggers the natural healing process by pulling all of the blood into the core to protect its vital organs. Then [it] cleans out and reactivates that blood supply and sends natural healers to [the] part of the body that [is] in pain, damaged, or inflamed,” said Franchise owner Aric Lemon.

Lemon held a grand opening for the new location Saturday in his hometown of Clifton Park. He owns another in Latham.

Though this treatment is growing rapidly nationally, it is relatively new to the Capital Region. Believers say benefits include, most notably, reduced pain and inflammation. It also helps with mood enhancement, increased energy, and more.

Many famous athletes and influencers swear by the cryotherapy treatment despite some in the science and medical community questioning its effectiveness. The industry is also unregulated. Regardless, company owner Kyle Jones says clients should know they take staff training seriously.

“They are heavily educated in the service and in the therapy, and they understand we know what we are doing,” said Kyle Jones, iCRYO co-founder & coo.

Lemon is a true believer. He hopes local residents warm up to the treatment, something he was able to grow from his backyard.

“It is something I think everybody needs to try and it is 100% a game changer,” Lemon said.