Susan Gonzalez and her friends have a passion for knitting but for them, it's more than a hobby.

"I decided we would help out Albany Medical Center and make some hats for their dialysis unit." 

Susan's group started back in 2015, and since then they meet once a month and have delivered over a thousand hats to cancer patients throughout area hospitals. Susan says nothing else like this can be found anywhere in the Capital Region.

"One of the things I think that makes them different is they're homemade, they have a tag that says this is for you, and on the back of that tag it will also say the name of the person that knit or crocheted that hat."

The group also prides themselves on making sure every hat made is uniquely different.

"There is never two that look alike. They might have the same yarn in the background but by the time they're embellished they never look the same."

The group of friends meet once a month and say giving back never gets old.

"When we bring hats to the different places, the people who recieve them are smiling and grateful."